Your legal writing work must equal One Joule
One Joule is a legal technology company based in New York. We develop digital solutions for legal writing in international law and dispute resolution in partnership with legal practitioners, law firms, and technology specialists worldwide. We identify inefficiencies in international legal writing and remedy them with specialized digital tools.
Anastasiya Ugale is the Founder of One Joule. She is an international attorney with over a decade of international law and arbitration experience in large law firms, international organizations, and private practice. She has poured her heart and soul into One Joule, creating practical tools to help international legal practitioners be more efficient and technology-savvy.
Writing Automation
We detect inefficiencies and develop out-of-the-box automation solutions to alleviate the pains of mundane repetition in international legal writing.
Custom Solutions for Law Practices
We analyze your unique legal writing practices and build custom optimization solutions by forging synergies between law and technology.
We educate and mentor a new generation of international lawyers who work smarter and more efficiently.
We power-charge innovation in international law and dispute resolution.
We take pride in what we do and the quality of our products. We would put our products up against any competitor in the field.
Personal approach
Every client is unique. We listen carefully to develop products tailored to your specific needs.
Solution driven
We create solution-driven products to alleviate the pain points induced by inefficiency.
Diverse experience
Years of experience in international law, dispute resolution, technology, and programming back our products and digital solutions.
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